Well-being and Future Generations approaches across the world

This map outlines how the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales (FGC) and the Well-being of Future Generations Act in Wales (WFGA) has influenced global institutions and governments in other countries to commit to future generations governance.

Well-being and Future Generations approaches across the world
Wales Scotland Ireland New York. USA United Kingdom Paris. France Japan Gibraltar Canada Israel Hungary Netherlands Lithuania Phillipines South Africa Denmark


Advocacy & shared learning

FGC have an established agreement with Welsh Government to support Wales as a globally responsible nation, and to champion the Well-being of Future Generations Act on a global stage.


Scottish Government

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Scotland has committed to a ‘Well-being and Sustainable Development Bill’ in their Programme for Government in 2021; Scotland’s bill will make it a statutory requirement for all public bodies and local authorities in Scotland to consider the long-term consequences of their policy decisions on the well-being of the people they serve, including those not yet born. The Scottish Government is also exploring options around creating a Future Generations Commission. FGC have supported and advised the Scottish Government. Scotland is chair of the Well-being Economies Government Network (WeGo) and has a long-established National Performance Framework around well-being and sustainable development.  


Green Party

A private member’s bill was introduced in 2023 in the Irish Parliament by TD Marc O Cathasaigh to create an independent Commission for Future Generations to act as a guardian for the future generations of Ireland.

New York. USA

United Nations – UN Secretary General’s Office

In September 2021, the United Nations Secretary-General published his flagship report ‘Our Common Agenda’. The proposals included the creation of a UN Special Envoy for Future Generations; A Summit of the Future in 2024; and a UN Declaration for Future Generations.

United Nations – UN Systems

To mobilise awareness and action on future generations within the UN System, FGC has supported the High-Level Committee on Programmes to produce ‘Future Generations Principles for the United Nations’.

United Nations – UN Member States

FGC have hosted a variety of events at global UN summits including UN Stockholm +50 summit in 2022 with the UN Foundation. At the summit, 16 UN Member States signed a ministerial declaration called the Contract for Our Future, led by the Environment Ministers of Kenya and Sweden, committing to support Future Generations governance within the UN system.

United Kingdom

House of Lords

The FGC have long supported and advised Big Issue founder Lord John Bird in introducing a private member’s bill that brings long-term thinking to Westminster politics.

School of International Futures

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Paris. France

Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development

The OECD published their ‘Global Trends’ report in 2020 – placing the WFGA as a pioneering example for the world to follow.


Fridays for Future Japan

FGC have been advising Fridays for Future Japan who have been working with the Democratic Party of Japan to draft a ‘Future Generations Act’ and to establish a multi-party ‘Future Generations Committee’ in Japan’s parliament.

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Sustainable Development and Future Generations Commissioner

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Commissioner for Environment and Sustainable Development

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Former Commissioner for Future Generations

All Knesset Committees

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Deputy Commissioner for Fundamental Rights & Ombudsman for Future Generations

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Ombudsman for Future Generations

Worldconnectors Future Generations – Worldconnectors

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Committee for the Future

EPTA Network - Lithuania

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South Africa

South African Government

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Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies  

Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (cifs.dk))

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