A Globally Responsible Wales

“A nation which, when doing anything to improve the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales, takes account of whether doing such a thing may make a positive contribution to global well-being”

A journey to

A Globally Responsible Wales

Supply chains

Ensuring that our supply chains are fair, ethical and sustainable

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Sustainable behaviour

Supporting sustainable behaviour and making the connections

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Playing our part

Playing our part to ensure that Wales is welcoming, safe and fair to all

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Efficient use of resources

Ensuring that we understand the importance of using the earth’s resources efficiently and contribute to global well-being

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Financial decisions

Making the right financial decisions now, to enable future generations to thrive

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Art of the Possible Resources

Elen Jones, Goal Convenor for A Globally Responsible Wales

Elen Jones

Goal Convenor for A Globally Responsible Wales

Elen is a bi-lingual project manager/disruptor and I has spent the last decade in the international development sector, supporting Wales’ role in being the world’s first Fair Trade Nation. She relishes her current role which supports public bodies in Wales to understand what it means to be globally responsible, from ethical procurement to international community development partnerships, global education policy to refugee policy and support to fossil-fuel divestment and ethical investment. Elen is proud to work with a wide-range of wonderful people and an inspiring Commissioner, on such a vital piece of work.

Working on the Art of The Possible has been an absolute privilege. It was no mean feat; not only supporting people to understand what we mean by global responsibility but working collaboratively with partner organisations and public bodies who are calling out to deepen their understanding and start taking action. It's great that we are in a place where we can be clear on what we mean by a Globally Responsible Wales, through ensuring we are engaging in ethical supply chains, using our fair share of the earth’s natural resources, adapting to climate change, working to make Wales a welcoming place for everyone, making the right financial decisions for the future and educating others on the importance of global responsibility.
Elen Jones | Goal Convenor for A Globally Responsible Wales