Simple Changes #37

Ensure employees receive refugee and asylum seeker awareness training



At least 325 refugees were taken in by councils in Wales during 2017. It is important to develop a basic understanding of the needs of people seeking sanctuary, especially as numbers are set to rise in the future. Awareness of terminology around the differences between asylum seekers, refugees and migrants can support people to have more informed conversations about the services available to them.


Simple Change

Refugees and asylum seekers are often more at risk of poor mental health or isolation, by offering training to staff you can reduce the risks of exclusion and show how your organisation understands the needs of people seeking sanctuary.

Case Study

Who is doing this?

Case Study

United Welsh

Ensuring that our public services are trained to be aware of the difficulties facing families with refugee or asylum seeker status can help them intergrate into the community. Helen Green, our goal convenor for a More Equal Wales, went to an event run by United Welsh that aimed to bring the community together.

Festival of Friendship

Helen Green visits the Festival of Friendship in Splott

Well-being goals you’ve contributed to

A More Equal Wales

A More Equal Wales,

You have earned...

A More Equal Wales

A society that enables people to fulfil their potential no matter what their background or circumstances (including their socio economic circumstances)

A Wales of Cohesive Communities

A Wales of Cohesive Communities,

You have earned...

A Wales of Cohesive Communities

Attractive, viable, safe and well-connected communities

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