Simple Changes #82

Encourage staff to hold meetings in local and independent coffee shops and cafes.



Meeting culture within the public sector is still largely an unsustainable resource, with one UK County Council recently claiming that it had spent over £250k a year on hiring external meeting room venues. What if we spent that money locally?


Simple Change

Where it is standard practice for staff to hold meetings in coffee shops and cafes, you should develop a list of small businesses within your area and encourage staff to support them. This shows how your organisation supports local business, whilst also showing your commitment to becoming part of the community.

Well-being goals you’ve contributed to

A Prosperous Wales

A Prosperous Wales,

You have earned...

A Prosperous Wales

An innovative, productive and low carbon society which recognises the limits of the global environment and therefore uses resources efficiently and proportionately (including acting on climate change); and which develops a skilled and well-educated population in an economy which generates wealth and provides employment opportunities, allowing people to take advantage of the wealth generated through securing decent work.

A Wales of Vibrant Culture & Thriving Welsh Language

A Wales of Vibrant Culture & Thriving Welsh Language,

You have earned...

A Wales of Vibrant Culture & Thriving Welsh Language

A society that promotes and protects culture, heritage and the Welsh language, and which encourages people to participate in the arts, sports and recreation

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