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Support and promote the Night Out Scheme



Lack of theatre space, finance and / or access to transport links can put barriers in place to people accessing professional arts activity, particularly in smaller or more rural communities. Night Out is a scheme run by the Arts Council for Wales, helping local community groups to host live professional performances in community spaces without incurring financial risk. Last year 319 different promoter groups put on 511 performances across Wales through the Night Out scheme.


Simple Change

By supporting and promoting the Night Out scheme, you will help smaller communities access the arts and enjoy the wider cultural and community benefits that the scheme offers.

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Who is doing this?

The Night Out Scheme

The Arts Council of Wales' Night Out scheme works in partnership with the local authorities to help groups of volunteers across Wales bring the arts to the heart of their communities. Community groups can choose from a huge range of great professional performers and put them on in community or village halls and other non-traditional venues across the country.


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