Simple Changes #21

Take stock of mental health in your workplace



It is estimated that one in four of us will experience a mental health issue at one point in our life. This can have a huge impact on a person’s working life as well as the organisation they work for, with Shaw Trust calculating that Welsh employers lose up to £292m a year in lost work days. Successful organisations perform well because they prioritise mental well-being. Your organisation can achieve this by taking the time to get to know your staff and understanding their experiences.


Simple Change

By developing a clear picture of the mental health of your organisation, you’ll be able to: understand the factors that affect staff well-being in your workplace; identify what you’re already doing to support it; assess the impact your current approach is having; and plan further improvements, enhance morale and increase productivity.

Case Study

Who is doing this?

Jack Sargeant AM is an advocate for ensuring the work place is equipped to support those with mental health. He is encouraging all public bodies and employees to take stock of mental health in the workplace.

Well-being goals you’ve contributed to

A Healthier Wales

A Healthier Wales,

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A Healthier Wales

A society in which people’s physical and mental well-being is maximised and in which choices and behaviours that benefit future health are understood

A More Equal Wales

A More Equal Wales,

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A More Equal Wales

A society that enables people to fulfil their potential no matter what their background or circumstances (including their socio economic circumstances)