Future Generations Changemaker 100

Acting today for a better tomorrow

Over the last seven years, the unique and world-leading Well-being of Future Generations Act has been inspiring people across Wales to act today for a better tomorrow.

We’ve been highlighting some of the achievements of the Act and how it’s making a difference in Wales and now we’re turning the spotlight on some of the people who help to create positive change. 

Organisations, large and small, community groups and individuals are part of this movement for change and are helping to create a Wales that is healthier, more equal, environmentally-resilient, globally responsible, prosperous, with cohesive communities and vibrant culture and thriving Welsh language. 

To celebrate and recognise some of the work protecting Wales’ future generations, we’ve captured a snapshot of this movement for change, with the Future Generations Changemaker 100 

This is just a small list of the hundreds and thousands of people across Wales and the World who are implementing the Act, creating change and inspiring us.

Interested in examples of how the Act has had an impact across Wales and the World?