Leadership Academy 2019-20 Cohort

In December 2019 I announced the names of the first cohort of young people to participate in the Future Generations Leadership Academy.

The first Future Generations Leadership Academy was delivered in partnership with Uprising Cymru and Simply Do and was a ten-month pilot programme with the Well-being of Future Generations Act at its heart.

14 organisations across Wales including Arup, Wales Millennium Centre, National Assembly for Wales, Public Health Wales and Celsa Steel came together to support the programme.  

The new pilot programme offered our talented leaders of tomorrow an opportunity to be part of building a movement of change, to create a Wales that brings to life the vision and ambition of the Act.

Thinking long-term and creating policies that address the needs of future generations is core to developing the leadership skills within our public services in Wales. Across the world, we are seeing young people mobilise and act on issues such as climate change and it is important that our young leaders have a seat at the table so they can hold our current leaders to account. 

This Academy provided the focus and opportunity for existing and future leaders to collaborate and develop policies that are equitable and sustainable. 

Key features of the programme included: 

  • Reverse Mentoring for current leaders to learn and upskill from future leaders 
  • Workshops such as Future Trends and Influencing Others 
  • Leadership Summer School
When I joined the Academy, I honestly had no idea what to expect. If I’m honest, I had never even heard of the Well-being of Future Generations Act, however, over the last 12 months I have come to learn how unique the Act is and also how leadership across the world has a long way to go.
Molly Palmer Wales Millenium Centre |

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