Leadership Academy Alumni

I’ve been delighted to welcome a range of young leaders including engineers, feminists, marine biologists, artists, students, graduates, retail workers, environmentalists, civil servants, lawyers and many more, to make up my Future Generations Leadership Academy cohorts.

The Academy is a crucial part in our movement for change and is developing the leaders of the future who go on to be champions of the Act. 

I am blown away by their innovation and their refreshing outlook on the vision of a future Wales, and I take much inspiration from their stories.

They are already champions of future generations – there is no need to persuade them, I am preaching to the choir. What we need to do is harness their power, their voices and their kindness, listen, and act on what they are telling us.

That is why young leaders who have graduated the programme will now join the FGLA Alumni network and continue to help shape my work programme. So far, the opportunities afforded to the alumni network include speaking opportunities at international conferences such as COP26 and One Young World, as well as memberships to boards and political committees. 

Members of our alumni have also been feeding into Westminster’s Future Generations Bill.  

The network will continue to facilitate leadership, engagement and networking opportunities for participants around the WFG Act and several public bodies have arranged sessions with the alumni network already.

Great to see all the hard work has paid off, so many young people across Wales want this and I can’t wait to see the positive outcomes for Wales.
Bethany Roberts | Public Health Wales
Ever since starting the academy, I'm a lot more curious about varying issues we are facing in society, constantly thinking of ways to problem solve and I've also applied this skill to my work. I've also become more confident talking to people from different professional backgrounds.
The Academy has been a great opportunity to connect with other future leaders across Wales to learn and champion the Well-being of Future Generations Act.

Being the World's first nation to introduce this legislation, we have the unique opportunity to not only think about future generations but make an active and practical difference now so we can build a better future for all. I hope to continue building relationships with others in the cohort and using the principles of the Act in Reverse Mentoring sessions and learn more about the mechanisms of the legislation to apply within spaces that I'm a part of
Nirushan Sudarsan | Cardiff, 22

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