Movement for Change

Including a wide variety of voices and perspectives in all our work is an important part of how we walk the talk on involvement at FGC.

Here is a flavour of some of the work we have been doing to build a movement for change, in particular our work involving young people.

National Nature Service

Working in partnership with the Berggruen Institute and the Food and Farming Commission, we hosted a Photo Voice event as part of our work towards developing a National Nature Service in Wales. 

At the event, 8 young people from across Wales showcased their photography work to explore themes around the environment in their communities. You can view the full report of the event here.


The Democracy Box

In 2022 we were delighted to launch our partnership with Omidaze, in particular with their Democracy Box project. We’ve been working in co-production with their team of young co-creators to produce innovative communications products on the WFG Act.

This work is central to our strategy of putting young people’s voices at the heart of communicating the Act in Wales and is linking closely with our other youth work for example our Future Generations Leadership Academy, to build a network of young ambassadors for future generations.

The Democracy Box with Sophie Howe, Commissioner

Future Trends and Inequality

In 2021 we launched the first phase of our work on future trends and inequality in partnership with Public Health Wales (PHW). This work found that without changes to the status quo, trends such as automation, climate change and changing demographics will deepen existing inequalities in Wales. You can see full details from our report here.

In 2022 we worked with PHW and FLiNT to carry out the next phase of this work. Phase 2 was focussed on climate change and builds on findings that current approaches to climate change policy will deepen current inequalities. We carried out involvement workshops with groups whose voices are seldom heard on the topic and have created resources to enable others to do the same. You can find the report and resources here. 

Climate change and communities report graphic

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