4/3/22 Sophie Howe

Ukraine – As a Nation of Sanctuary, Wales needs to ensure that refugees arriving here from all over the world find us a welcoming nation

We are all devastated by the tragic events unfolding in Ukraine and it’s imperative we do everything we possibly can to help those that have been put in such a...

16/2/22 Sophie Howe

Future Generations Commissioner’s response to Welsh Government’s UBI trial

“Today’s announcement is an important step forward for care-leavers, and although this is not a full Universal Basic Income, I welcome the Welsh Government’s commitment to this trial.

16/2/22 Sophie Howe

Walking the Talk: Stories of our personal journey – living the change we want to see in others

Future Generations Commissioner for Wales is seeking to tender a short-term contract to support the team to package up and communicate examples of our personal journey to ‘walk the talk’...

9/2/22 Sophie Howe

Future Generations Commissioner calls for Shorter Working Week trial

The Future Generations Commissioner for Wales has called on the Welsh Government to launch a shorter working week trial.


Request for Proposals: Wales’ Well-being of Future Generations Act – showing what’s possible

As part of our duty to promote the sustainable development principle, the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, Sophie Howe, is seeking an agency to create and deliver a PR campaign...


Inspiring the Well-being champions of the future – the 2021 Future Generations Leadership Academy

After the success of the 2020 pilot academy, the Future Generations Leadership Academy has returned in 2021 to inspire the next generation of Welsh leaders.


Specification: research into the future of governance

This tendering exercise is open to anyone interested in an opportunity to work with the Office of the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, and who can help us consider what...

17/12/21 Sophie Howe

Draft budget: Defining moment for Welsh Government

The forthcoming budget is a defining moment for the Welsh Government.

16/12/21 Sophie Howe

Future Trends Report: It has never been more important to understand the world around us and the projected world of tomorrow

It is therefore incredibly important that the Welsh Government release a Future Trends Report, as they did this week.

16/12/21 Sophie Howe

Future Generations Commissioner welcomes milestones set by Government but says more ambition is needed in some areas

Wales’ Well-being of Future Generations Act is a law that puts a duty on Welsh Government to protect the interests of future generations while meeting the challenges of today -...

26/11/21 Sophie Howe

New report reveals Universal Basic Income in Wales would cut poverty in half

Poverty in Wales would be halved if Welsh Government commits to a progressive Universal Basic Income (UBI), according to a major study commissioned by the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales,...


“After Black History Month – let’s make sure 2021 is the year that what we’ve learned really sticks”

And although many things have changed since growing up as a mixed-race kid in Cardiff in the 80s, I feel there is a great deal to improve upon - and...

12/11/21 Sophie Howe

Don’t ignore culture in climate recovery, warns the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales

Culture is a powerful tool for fighting climate change, the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales will say today at COP 26.

10/11/21 Sophie Howe

Wales leading the way with Future Generations Legislation – UN plans to adopt Welsh Approach

Wales is leading the way to protect future generations, the United Nations has said.

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