I support ‘Back the Bill’, a joint campaign by housing charities Tai Pawb, CIH Cymru and Shelter Cymru to end Wales’s Housing and Homelessness crisis.

All political parties in Wales are being urged to commit to a legal right to adequate housing in their 2021 Welsh Parliament Election manifestos.

In my Manifesto for the Future, I’ve asked Welsh Government to make housing a human right. I’ve also asked Government to support intergenerational living and require all publicly funded housing developments (and public buildings) to be carbon neutral.

A legal right to housing is one of the biggest gifts we could give to future generations.

Affordable, safe, connected, energy-efficient homes help keep people well, and a right to housing in law would help us meet the goals set by our unique Well-being of Future Generations Act, preventing homelessness, lowering the cost of running a home, taking action on the climate emergency and allowing us to plan better for looking after people in old age.

For more information on Back the Bill, click here.