The Office of the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales is launching its Future Generations Policy Leader Toolkit in response to the growing global movement calling for governments and parliaments to embrace future generations policy.

This Toolkit, produced by the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales and Foundations for Tomorrow is designed to be digestible, while bringing cutting-edge policy thinking to the fingertips of policy leaders around the world, helping them to embrace this innovative and much needed approach. The Toolkit draws on global experiences and practice, from Wales, home to the Well-being of Future Generations Act, and beyond.

This Toolkit is designed to support global policymakers and parliamentarians to understand and implement future generations thinking in policy, legislation and processes.  


Across 10 episodes, (and a selection of bonus interviews), the Future Generations Policy Leader Toolkit covers everything from the fundamentals of future generations concepts through to the key challenges and implementation considerations. Each episode, hosted by Taylor Hawkins, Managing Director of Foundations for Tomorrow, will feature leaders from across academia – leading research in this space – to practitioners at the heart of implementation around the world, as well as key leaders who have been the face of these initiatives to share invaluable lessons. These leaders include Sophie Howe (the first Future Generations Commissioner for Wales), Cat Tully (Co-Founder & Director, School of International Futures), Andrew Charles (Deputy Director Sustainable Futures Division, Welsh Government) and Harshani Dharmadasa (Senior Director at the United Nations Foundation, leading Our Future Agenda). The Toolkit also features contributions from Petranka Malcheva, (Change Analyst), Jacob Ellis, (Lead Change Maker for Public Affairs and International) and Najma Hashi (Change Maker Support), from the Office of the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales. We also welcome contributions from Philip Jillesjö Löf (EU Policy Officer: Climate, Sustainability, Environment and Energy – Welsh Government and member of the Commissioner’s Future Generations Leadership Academy Alumni).  

The Toolkit is free to access online, including additional resources on core concepts, as well as via Spotify, and will run until the Summit of the Future in September 2024, with the ambition to equip and empower as many leaders as possible to be proactive advocates for future generations policy.  


Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, Derek Walker says;   

“The decisions we take today will have an impact for generations to come. If we are to solve the range of crises facing our people and planet, we must collectively embrace new mindsets and behaviours. Across the world, parliamentarians and politicians are calling for resources and support to understand and implement future generations throughout policy and practice.  

“I welcomed the opportunity for my office to support the recently adopted Common Principles for Future Generations by the United Nations – ensuring that all decisions taken by UN agencies and its workforce of 100,000 will need to apply future generations mindset. I hope this toolkit will encourage policymakers at community, local, national and international level to apply future generations mindset; building on the global momentum at the United Nations. With more than seven years of experience in applying future generations thinking and implementation, Wales is ready to support others, and to continue learning ourselves as we build a global coalition for future generations.”    

This project is part of the growing demand for capability-building tools to support the development of future generations policy. The Future Generations Commissioner for Wales has already developed a range of work programmes to address this demand, including the Future Generations Leadership Accelerator, which has supported hundreds of young people to be equipped and empowered as future generations leaders. This program is also championed by 25 Future Generations Leadership Ambassadors, hand-picked by the Office of the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales and Foundations for Tomorrow 

The Future Generations Policy Toolkit was launched at the Global Parliamentary Congress ‘The Future Of The World’, Vilnius, Lithuania 12-13 May. 

The Office of the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales

Wales is the only country in the world with a Well-being of Future Generations Act. The legislation requires public bodies to work together to ensure improved cultural, economic, environmental and social well-being for people living in Wales now and in the future.  The new commissioner is working with people and organisations including public bodies, on a plan for his office’s future work. Information will be shared over the coming weeks and months, and you can find out more about Our Future Focus, here. 

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Foundations for Tomorrow 

The Office of the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales is collaborating on this project with Foundations for Tomorrow, a youth-driven Australian not-profit advocating for the advancement of future generations policy.