In response to the Extinction Rebellion Cardiff three-day protest as part of a UK-wide week long protest to highlight the need for urgent action to tackle climate change, Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner for Wales said:

“Whilst people may disagree with their methods Extinction Rebellion are highlighting the undeniable truth that our public policy makers are failing to act quickly or robustly enough to halt climate change.

“Here in Wales we are seeing the impact of the planet getting hotter, from the erosion of our coastlines to regular flooding in our villages and towns. And alongside that we are seeing ecological breakdown with many of our species disappearing.

“There are promising signs of change with the Government declaring a climate emergency, the rejection of the M4 relief road and the leader our capital city setting out a strong plan for reducing emissions from cars and investing in helping people to shift to public transport cycling and walking.

“But we need much more of this, the ten-point plan that I published last month has provided a starting point to how the Welsh Government should be increasing investment in this year’s budget round in areas such as public transport, energy and housing in order to get us on track to meet our carbon emissions for the sake of our planet and people.”