The variety of measures presented in this report challenge Welsh Government and others to put their words into action as they demonstrate their commitment to a Green Recovery.

“The Well-being of Future Generations Act provides Welsh Government and public bodies in Wales with the permission, clarity and the creativity to think innovatively about the decisions we make and the Wales we want to see.  

Acting for future generations in Wales means taking urgent action to reduce carbon emissions, reverse the decline in biodiversity, tackle the unsustainable levels of production and consumption, and connect people with nature.  

I’m pleased to see the report places a priority on achieving some of the outcomes I’ve identified as being crucial for a green recovery – including my recommendations on supporting the decarbonisation of homes, investing in better ways to connect and move people (public transport and active travel), and encouraging organisations to sign up and take on a school leaver as part of a holistic skills programme across Wales.

The Taskforce’s recommendations, which offer practical ideas for implementation, should be considered with urgency by all Ministers.”