Notebook and Wales Protocol for Future Generations Paper Underneath

The Wales Protocol for Future Generations is an implementation framework designed to guide communities and world leaders towards a more sustainable and equitable future.  

This Protocol has been developed by the Office of the Commissioner for Future Generations of Wales with the support of a high-level coalition of global early adopters. The substance of the protocol was informed by a community of over 150 policy leaders, activists and practitioners from more than 60 countries in a consultation process that explored pioneering experiences from all over the world. The Protocol was developed across three iterations of global consultation undertaken by the School of International Futures, culminating at the Future Generations Forum, taking place in Cardiff (Wales) from 29th April to 1st May 2024, where the final text was agreed. 

At its core, the Wales Protocol for Future Generations embodies Wales’ commitment to long-term thinking and holistic decision-making. Enshrined in the Well-being of Future Generations Act, Wales’ forward-thinking legislation mandates the consideration of the impact of present actions on future generations, setting a precedent for responsible governance and sustainable development. 

Derek Walker, Future Generations Commissioner for Wales says, “This protocol is a collective plea for the importance of long-term governance to be recognised and acted on. It provides a series of practical recommendations so that States, citizens and the United Nations can implement the Declaration for Future Generations in a fair manner, taking into account intergenerational solidarity. We are proud that this collective Protocol was developed and co-designed in Wales, the home of the Well-being of Future Generations Act.”

The Protocol has been developed to support the implementation efforts of the Declaration for Future Generations, co-facilitated by the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Jamaica.   

The launch of the Wales Protocol for Future Generations (8th May 2024) comes at a pivotal moment as the civil society leaders and UN Member States gather in Nairobi, Kenya for the UN Civil Society Conference ahead of the UN Summit of the Future in New York later this year.  

This Protocol has been written under the expectation that the United Nations uphold their commitments at the Summit of the Future to: 

  • Agree an ambitious Declaration for the rights of Future Generations.  
  • Appoint a strategically positioned and well-resourced UN Special Envoy for Future Generations. 
  • Commit to substantive action to build futures-oriented governance. 
  • Institutionalise the principle of intergenerational fairness. 

Key features of the Wales Protocol for Future Generations include proposals for people, governments and the United Nations. It also includes established global examples that can provide further inspiration.  

The Wales Protocol for Future Generations is not just a document; it is a blueprint for collective action and transformative change. Together, let us embrace the challenge and forge a path towards a brighter tomorrow.