A bad week to be a Brit in Brussels: foresight and whether we could have predicted Brexit


Foresight and whether we could have predicted Brexit

A Ddylai Robotiad Siarad Cymraeg? (Should robots speak Welsh?)

16/8/18 Sophie Howe

Should robots speak Welsh?

Economic development cannot be delivered without social improvement

29/11/17 Sophie Howe

Embedding public value within the heart of the activities of Cardiff Business School, is a unique feature of the school.  

Adverse Childhood Experiences and trauma: making policy reality 

23/11/17 Sophie Howe

For our younger generation, housing is undoubtedly one of the most difficult challenges they face.  

Fair Trade is winning at public policy


On a sunny day in June 2018, I was privileged to be invited to attend the Inaugural EU Cities Fair and Ethical Trade Award Ceremony, in Brussels along with representatives...

For Belle and Emmeline

9/6/18 Sophie Howe

This Sunday my daughter and I will be taking part in something significant. We will be joining thousands of women across the country marching to commemorate the brave women who...

Future Generations Act a framework for transformation not tick-box

6/2/17 Sophie Howe

New legislation can result in a whirlwind of activity and bureaucracy. If you’re at the sharp end of making sure your organisation is kept safe, then current organisational cultures often...

Future Generations Commissioner for Wales endorses Urdd peace and goodwill message

18/5/18 Sophie Howe

This message, created by the young people of mid Glamorgan embodies much of the Well-being of Future Generations Act.

Calling all the Zero Heroes

13/4/17 Eurgain Powell

Ten years ago the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) launched a pioneering report – Zero carbon Britain – showing that we have the technology and solutions to reduce our carbon...

Climate change – our obligations to future generations

10/11/16 Sophie Howe

What I’ve learnt about climate change since becoming Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, earlier this year, is quite simply frightening. There is no doubt that it’s the greatest challenge facing...