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“After Black History Month – let’s make sure 2021 is the year that what we’ve learned really sticks”


And although many things have changed since growing up as a mixed-race kid in Cardiff in the 80s, I feel there is a great deal to improve upon - and...

Black History Month: “I believe it’s important to remember that we, as Black people, don’t need to wait for one month out of the year – we can be celebrating each other at any time.”


“All my life I have wanted to become a doctor, however in my second year of studies, when I started plugging myself in to different communities and meeting different people...

Black History Month: “I felt that if we sit and watch the television and shout when we see injustice, it doesn’t help anyone. If you go out and put your head above the parapet, then a little change makes things better for people.”


“I grew up in Conway in St Lucia, and I had the most wonderful childhood - growing up in the Caribbean - playing ‘Ticky Tock’ with these nice little stones,...

Black History Month: “There is so much Black history that people just don’t know – it’s time to start learning.”


We’re celebrating Black History Month #proudtobe with stories from Black people across Wales on lessons Black history can teach us about the future.  Here, Jessica Dunrod, 32, author, translator, and education and inclusion consultant, from...

Black History Month: “People of the Caribbean have a deep history with agriculture that is often overlooked.”


“I’ve always had a love for nature, and I gravitated towards it. Nature taught me what society wasn’t willing to."

If 2020 has shown that we can live our lives closer to home, how can we lock in the benefits for future generations?


The announcement back in March this year that the UK was going into lockdown was a shock to us all and created significant challenges as we navigated a new world...

Kindness in Public Services


Recently the Future Generations Commissioner called for the Welsh Government to instil the value of “kindness” at every level of government and public policy in order to meet the requirements of...

#Skills – Geography: It’s Importance in Today’s World – Maddie Emery


As we continue our work exploring the skills we will need for the future, we asked Whitchurch High School student, Maddie Emery, about her favourite school topic and why it’s...

A score for the well-being goals

1/8/19 Sophie Howe

On the week of the Homeless World Cup in Cardiff, we’re celebrating how sport can bring together people of all ages, from all backgrounds.

Growing with Trees – reconnecting with nature by Nigel Pugh, Woodland Trust


To nurture a tree, is to nurture your own sense of environmental responsibility, whilst reconnecting us to our immediate natural environment, wildlife, nature, and to all future generations.