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Kindness in Public Services


Recently the Future Generations Commissioner called for the Welsh Government to instil the value of “kindness” at every level of government and public policy in order to meet the requirements of...

#Skills – Geography: It’s Importance in Today’s World – Maddie Emery


As we continue our work exploring the skills we will need for the future, we asked Whitchurch High School student, Maddie Emery, about her favourite school topic and why it’s...

A score for the well-being goals

1/8/19 Sophie Howe

On the week of the Homeless World Cup in Cardiff, we’re celebrating how sport can bring together people of all ages, from all backgrounds.

Growing with Trees – reconnecting with nature by Nigel Pugh, Woodland Trust


To nurture a tree, is to nurture your own sense of environmental responsibility, whilst reconnecting us to our immediate natural environment, wildlife, nature, and to all future generations.

Meeting Nimrod Wambette during Fairtrade Fortnight Megan Jones-Evans, Deputy Head Girl, Llanfyllin High School, Montgomeryshire


During Fairtrade Fortnight, we, sixth form pupils from Llanfyllin High School were the audience of a Fairtrade assembly ran by Ffion Storer Jones of Montgomeryshire Federation of Young Farmers Club...

Back to the Future with Magor & Undy Walkway Station


When MAGOR was launched on 14th March 2013, the group realised from the outset the enormity of the tasks facing them. The first challenge was to get the walkway concept...

Sea levels are rising and so are they – school strikes and how we could embrace them in our soft infrastructures – Lorena Axinte, Researcher, Sustainable Places Research Institute, Cardiff University


“What role do you think young people could play in shaping Cardiff Capital Region?” I asked twelve of the city region’s leaders and chief executives in my research interviews.

We must act now to avoid a climate catastrophe – Sion Sleep, UpRising Cymru


11 years……. 11 mlynedd……. That’s the amount of time that the intergovernmental panel on climate change have estimated we have to change our ways to prevent a potentially catastrophic global...

The Scharmer U Theory and the Development of Welsh Education (for Adults in the Community) – Dafydd Rhys, Adult Learning Wales


The late and pioneering Arfon Rhys is to be thanked for introducing me to the Scharmer U Theory in 2007. Broadly speaking, this theory of ‘change’ states that individuals, who...

We need to change the system to deliver skills for the future – David Hagendyk, Learning Work Institute


There’s no shortage of debate and analysis about the future skills needs of modern economies.

The importance of mental health for our future generations


The importance of mental health for our future generations