We recognise the impact that adverse experiences early on in life have on people’s life chances, society, the well-being goals and future generations.

Preventing these adverse experiences from happening, where they have happened and preventing them from being passed on through generations are complex issues we should address collectively using the five ways of working set out in the Act. Many of our public services need to collaborate to make this happen. No one can resolve this in isolation. The work we have undertaken in this area includes:

  • Supporting the development of and contributing to an ACEs Support Hub – a programme of work under the Cymru Well Wales partnership that is developing and sharing expertise on tackling ACEs in order to support the actions of all public bodies
  • Developing a partnership with the criminal justice system through a part-time secondment with Her Majesty’s Prisons and Probation Service in Wales to work closely with the ACEs hub
  • Supporting the Police Transformation Fund application to the Home Office which secured £6.78 million to facilitate the transformation of policing in Wales to a multi-agency, ACE-informed approach that enables early intervention and root cause prevention. This programme will scale-up the approach that has been taken by the Maesteg Early Help Hub
  • Working with the Wales Audit Office Good Practice Exchange to produce learning resources for public bodies including webinars
  • Providing advice to public services boards on tackling ACEs through the well-being planning process

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