Good health is one of the main building blocks of wellness and opportunity.

Enabling people to live the highest quality of life they can includes supporting them to have a lifestyle that maintains good physical and mental health, through creating places and environments that support healthy lifestyles and ensuring there are effective services to support people when they need care. With health and social care budgets feeling the squeeze while demand on other public services increases, the need to find ways to improve people’s well-being that are affordable and effective is one of Wales’ biggest challenges for public services. Business as usual is failing to deliver preventative healthcare that empowers people to improve their own health and well-being. Despite improvements, we’re yet to see the wide-scale shift to prevention within healthcare that’s required to lessen demand on our stretched public services as our population continues to increase as well as live longer.

My work in this space is detailed in the ‘A Healthier Wales’ section of our dedicated future generations report website, which explains how we need to shift the system to prioritising keeping people of all ages mentally and physically well, to enable them to live healthy and fulfilled lives. To deliver this, we need to develop a national wellness system which is an approach to keeping people well focused on the wider determinants of health. The chapter also sets out a range of key findings and recommendations related to mental health, physical activity and the need for place-based approaches to wellness.

There is also a significant overlap with my work monitoring and assessing the Welsh Government budget process, with a focus on prevention.

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