Our Work

Our Work

As we transition from the first Commissioner (Sophie Howe) to a new one (Derek Walker), we are taking time to reflect on what’s worked and what has had the most impact, and to develop a new work programme that will take us towards 2030 and beyond.   

There is much to celebrate in what we have achieved over the last seven years, and much to value and continue in the way we work as a team and with others.  

Between April and September 2023, we will be involving people in co-produce a set of priorities - we are calling this exercise Our Future Focus 

Whilst this takes place, we will also be continuing with a number of projects which are already underway:  

  • Concluding our Section 20 Review into how Welsh Government are implementing the Act.  
  • Continuing to deliver and review our support to public bodies with advice and assistance and ongoing work related to public services boards’ well-being objectives.  
  • Liaising with Welsh Government on the eight new bodies that will come under the Well-being of Future Generations Act from April 2024, and prepare for this.  
  • Planning for the Future Generations Leadership Academy 3.0 which will kick-off in September 2023, and manage the growing alumni network from 2022 and 2022 cohorts.  
  • Deliver our International Action Plan 2023/24 in collaboration with Welsh Government.  
  • Deliver on our agreement with Business Wales to develop useful resources for the many businesses who are aligning their purpose and values with the Act. 
  • Walk the talk – be the change that we want to see in others with a continued focus on the equalities agenda.  
  • Working with Public Health Wales on futures and long-term thinking, to improve our own capability, support public bodies, and learn from what other countries are doing.  
  • Continuing to respond to information and opportunities provided by partners and others on the big issues and challenges facing future generations.  

If you would like to get in touch email contactus@futuregenerations.wales 

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