Our Work

Our Work Programme

Our Work programme for 2021 will be in 4 parts. Firstly, we will provide advice and share examples of good and bad practice resulting from the outbreak. This is to ensure Wales continues to move towards the vision set out in the Act and does not move backwards in the aftermath of the pandemic. We will draw on recommendations in the Future Generations Report, aiming secure support from Government and other stakeholders on the recommendations that are especially relevant to the COVID-19 recovery. Secondly, we will continue to support and challenge public bodies to use the Well-being of Future Generations Act using our Future Generations Report, and the recommendations within it as the benchmark for our monitoring and assessing duty. Thirdly, through the activities detailed in this section, we will create a movement for change by continuing to involve an engage partners and the public. Lastly, I am committed to walk the talk, creating a culture that has a positive impact on us as a team, in Wales and across the world.  Details of our work can be found below. If you have insight, expertise, ideas, concerns or lived experience on any of the issues detailed below. Get in touch!
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