What is a “Live Lab”?

Live Labs are one of the ways in which the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales is providing advice and assistance to public bodies. The aim is to enable and support them to implement the Well-Being of Future Generations Act and to apply “the five ways of working” as set out in the sustainable development principle.

A “Live Lab” is a creative process we can use to:

  • bring about significant improvements in well-being in your area
  • explore complex problems and opportunities from the perspective of future generations
  • challenge the “business as usual” approach
  • test ways of delivering significant changes in policy design and service delivery

We have used the word “lab” to underline our intention to create a protected space where together we can experiment and innovate.

A Live Lab is about putting into action the changes you want to test out, assessing the impact of those changes and what you learned from implementing them, and making further improvements on your initial redesign to get closer to the result you want to see.

Live Lab Pilot

We are currently in a Pilot phase working with Betsi Cadwaldr Health Board and others. We plan to use the lessons learned to develop our Live Lab model and offer it to other organisations that wish to participate.

For more information on this work please email contactus@futuregenerations.wales

We have used the word “live” because the labs will be about practice not theory – about practical action and making change happen.