Public Services Boards

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Public Services Boards are set up under the Act in each area of Wales. The membership of each Board includes the local leaders for public services in the area and other organisations that can contribute to their aim of improving well-being together. Every five years, the Public Services Boards must assess the well-being of their area and then publish a local well-plan. The Commissioner provides advice to each Board during this process.
In 2017/18, the Commissioner provided advice to each Board on their first well-being assessments and published overall findings and advice in Well-being in Wales: planning today for a better tomorrow.
In 2021/22, the Commissioner provided advice on the second well-being assessments and published findings in Well-being in Wales: an overview.
When the Boards draft their well-being plans for their local areas, they must seek the advice of the Commissioner again. You can find out more about the work of each Public Services Board and read the Commissioner's advice below.

Useful Resources

Anglesey & Gwynedd Public Services Board

Bridgend PSB

Cwm Taf PSB

Gwent PSB

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