• Do you offer remote/hybrid working?
    Do you offer remote/hybrid working?

    We do! We are exceptionally proud of our Anytime Anywhere working Policy and we encourage everyone to choose where and how they best work. We get together in-person to collaborate, celebrate success and for those moments that truly matter for team bonding, but we trust our team to decide the environment that gets the best out of them.

    Most of our team choose to work from home for over half their working week with many coming into our collective space once or twice. For some who live in other parts of the UK and beyond, they pretty much work remotely all of the time and join us periodically for key social events.

    Remote work tends to be favoured by established team members who know our office inside out, are comfortable in their role and want to balance work with family responsibilities or other personal obligations. For those just starting their careers or very new to the office, it can often be helpful to be around team members in a physical environment to avoid isolation and the notion of ‘out of sight out of mind’. For this, we use the Tramshed which is just outside of Cardiff’s city centre.

    What’s important to us is to intentionally create a positive experience and respect that we are adults, supporting personal preference and consciously encouraging you to choose your own personal preference wherever you feel most productive and creative.

  • What is this Shorter Working Week you speak of?
    What is this Shorter Working Week you speak of?

    Here at OFGC, we have a six hour work-day aspiration and have been trialling this for nearly two years. This isn’t a contractual change but a gesture of goodwill to recognize smarter ways of working and that our achievements are based on outputs.

    What that means is we encourage everyone to work a shorter working week. For our part-time colleagues, this means a proportionate reduction in the time we expect you to work.

    So, if you are part-time and are contracted to work 30 hours per week, with our Shorter Working Week aims, you would roughly work 24 hours per week (six hours per day) with no loss of pay.

    Now, there will times when this isn’t always achievable based on what’s on and what’s coming up but as a broad aspiration, it’s something we are really passionate about reflecting the changing nature of work and our motto of ‘love work, get a life!

  • What is your Cheerleader model all about?
    What is your Cheerleader model all about?

    Everyone in the team is allocated a Cheerleader when they join. A Cheerleader is someone who will look out for you, support you, coach you and who can help you identify your developmental needs. Your Cheerleader will help you to resolve problems and give you feedback on your performance with your Delivery Managers.

  • Any tips for applying for one of your roles?
    Any tips for applying for one of your roles?

    It’s important to thoroughly review the job description prior to submitting your application. Make sure to identify the responsibilities of the role and the requirements needed to be successful. Spend a few minutes reflecting on those requirements and determine if your previous experience is relevant. If you believe your previous experience and skills will be an asset to our team, we’d love for you to apply! If the job’s not quite the right fit, it might be best to wait for future positions that are.

    Don’t just tell us what you did, tell us why it mattered.

    Many applicants list their skills, but few list their achievements—and those are what we want to see! Think about the responsibilities of the job you’re applying for. Now, consider how you added value doing those same (or similar!) things for your previous employer or in other parts of your life, be that volunteering or as part of your lived experiences in everyday life. What did you achieve? How did it help the organisation? Did you lead an effort for a major project? Improve a process? Win an industry award? We love to talk about impact, so be sure to share any specific metrics that highlight your success!

  • What can I expect from your selection process?
    What can I expect from your selection process?

    Our process varies depending on which role you’ve applied for. We will usually meet with you as a panel of two or three. This might be virtual, or in-person and we’ll ask you questions about your relevant work experiences, your skills and future career aspirations.

    Sometimes there might be real-life activities involved such as written exercises or preparing a presentation and we often use Colourworks Insights Discovery which is a personal and team development tool to understand your working style and key strengths.

    Fear not, you’ll be given plenty of notice for anything expected of you and our People & Culture Team are on hand to help with any questions every step of the way. Come prepared with a few questions for us, we always leave time at the end to answer any questions you may have about the role, our team and our culture.

    And remember, interviews are two-way so it’s just as much an opportunity for you to understand if we’re right for you, as you are for us.

  • Who is usually part of the interview panel?
    Who is usually part of the interview panel?

    Normally it will be the recruitment lead, accompanied by another team member. We will very often be supported by an external partner with specialist technical expertise or lived experience to ensure our approach is well rounded, objective and balanced.

  • How long can I expect to wait before I hear back?
    How long can I expect to wait before I hear back?

    We aim to give feedback after a selection event within one week as a general rule of thumb. We recognise that lots of preparation goes into interview planning and individuals take time out of their busy schedules.  We do our best to give a first-class experience and communicate with you regularly along the whole recruitment journey.  We’re always keen to hear how we can improve as well, so please let us know if you think we can improve the way we do things.