A Wales of Vibrant Culture and Thriving Welsh Language

A society that promotes and protects culture, heritage and the Welsh language, and which encourages people to participate in the arts, and sports and recreation.

The Commissioner’s current analysis is that while Wales is ahead of other countries in acknowledging the value and role that culture has to play, we still have a long way to go before our reality matches our ambitions. And while the target of a million Welsh speakers by 2050 is an ambitious policy, there are concerns that it is falling short in terms of implementation, and more needs doing to join the dots with other well-being goals.

Not enough public bodies have set objectives and steps in relation to this goal, and those who do are failing to integrate culture and language with their other objectives.

A journey to

A Wales of Vibrant Culture & Thriving Welsh Language

Developing skills

Developing skills, increasing opportunities and respecting our status as as a bilingual nation.

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Supporting people

Supporting people to engage with culture in their daily working and recreational lives, and bringing out the best in our cultural professionals.

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Addressing wider societal issues

Using cultural and linguistic interventions to address wider societal issues.

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Culture & the Welsh Language

Using culture and the Welsh language as a driver for economic and environmental change.

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Engaging with culture

Enabling our citizens to access and engage with their own and other cultures.

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