We are less about producing reports and guidance and more about changing behaviours in Public Bodies to better meet the needs of citizens, particularly citizens that most need support from Public Bodies. We therefore put energy into getting to know the needs of our communities directly or via representative groups and use this to inform what we say and share with Public Bodies and Government.

Day to day we talk a lot. We work together through various groups and forums, encouraging a questioning approach to help build a common understanding of the FGC way. This is underpinned with light touch processes and procedure documents that continually evolve as our corporate confidence and understanding grows.

Our Underpinning Principles

  • Being super connected
  • Being super engaged
  • Being Leaders that ask and don’t tell
  • Minimising rules, freedom to innovate
  • Celebrate learning from mistakes as well as successes.
  • Understanding and valuing our differences
  • Love work but get a life.
  • Loving learning.

Working with us

This could be through recruitment to a permanent or temporary position with our team, partnership working between our and another organisation, part of a programme of work experience or study.

All current opportunities are listed here