Some of us are introverts & some of us are extroverts.

Some of us are super creative and others are amazing at relationship building.

We absolutely value it all and welcome diversity!

Every day, we work towards our vision, underpinned by a set of core shared values. 

We are Inclusive 

  • We involve people from all communities and backgrounds, and we embrace our differences, recognising that we are stronger because of our diverse experience and perspectives. We actively take a stand against discrimination and are striving to be an actively anti-racist organisation  
  • We recognise the importance of connecting and collaborating with people across Wales and go wherever they are, on the journey to achieving the Wales We Want. 

We are Bold 

  • We are independent; we use evidence to explore and champion novel and innovative approaches to address the complex issues we face. 
  • We consistently review our work and impact, stretching ourselves to do more and to do better. 

We are Open 

  • We cultivate a culture of honesty, speaking our minds and encouraging challenge 
  • We work in the open, showing our progress, sharing our learning as well as our mistakes 

We are Supportive 

  • We act with kindness, acceptance and a genuine interest in each other and those we work with. We respect people’s needs and choices, learn what makes us tick and we believe in each other’s potential.  
  • We are ready to help. We give our time and expertise to make change happen. 

We are Optimistic 

  • We champion that there is always hope and potential to create a better tomorrow and support others to be the change we all need to see. We face difficult truths and persevere. 
  • We shine a light on good work and positive action, so that we can all be moved to do better and realise our brighter future. 


Joining our team  

This could be through recruitment to a permanent or temporary position with our team, partnership working between our and another organisation, part of a programme of work experience or study. 

All current opportunities are listed here 

There are curently no vacancies