In response to Cardiff Council's Transport Green Paper, published Wednesday, 21 March and the start of a city-wide conversation on big ideas that could shape the future of Cardiff's transport system.

 Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner for Wales said: 

“Across the world progressive cities are recognising that they need to take action to shift away from heavy reliance on cars towards greener more sustainable transport solutions which are good for the environment, economy and our health.  

“In line with their obligations under the Well-being of Future Generations Act it is quite right that Cardiff are identifying opportunities to reduce car use, promote active travel and reduce air pollution.  

“Alongside this it’s encouraging that they are seeking ways to create the right environment for future investment by making sure Cardiff is an attractive and well connected city which is prepared to meet the changing technological demands of the future. There are some exciting opportunities in what is being proposed and I welcome Cardiff’s commitment to having this conversation with its citizens.” 

The Transport & Clean Air Green Paper has been published on and a series of questions have been asked in each section to get feedback from residents on the proposals and ideas before the consultation closed on 15th June.