Press Releases

Draft budget: Defining moment for Welsh Government

17/12/21 Sophie Howe

The forthcoming budget is a defining moment for the Welsh Government.

Future Trends Report: It has never been more important to understand the world around us and the projected world of tomorrow

16/12/21 Sophie Howe

It is therefore incredibly important that the Welsh Government release a Future Trends Report, as they did this week.

Future Generations Commissioner welcomes milestones set by Government but says more ambition is needed in some areas

16/12/21 Sophie Howe

Wales’ Well-being of Future Generations Act is a law that puts a duty on Welsh Government to protect the interests of future generations while meeting the challenges of today -...

New report reveals Universal Basic Income in Wales would cut poverty in half

26/11/21 Sophie Howe

Poverty in Wales would be halved if Welsh Government commits to a progressive Universal Basic Income (UBI), according to a major study commissioned by the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales,...

Don’t ignore culture in climate recovery, warns the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales

12/11/21 Sophie Howe

Culture is a powerful tool for fighting climate change, the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales will say today at COP 26.

Wales leading the way with Future Generations Legislation – UN plans to adopt Welsh Approach

10/11/21 Sophie Howe

Wales is leading the way to protect future generations, the United Nations has said.

Future Generations Commissioner for Wales Response to Welsh Government’s Well-being of Wales Report

1/10/21 Sophie Howe

"The Well-being of Wales Report is Welsh Government’s assessment of whether they are making progress against the seven national well-being goals set in law by the Well-being of Future Generations...

Wales needs to explore paying everyone a basic income – open letter to First Minister

22/7/21 Sophie Howe

Wales should explore paying everyone a basic income to study how it could improve lives for generations in the future, the First Minister is being urged.

We can end fuel poverty with £15bn retrofit investment plan for our homes, says Future Generations Commissioner for Wales

12/7/21 Sophie Howe

Fuel poverty could be eradicated in Wales by 2030 if Welsh Government commits to a long-term plan to improve the efficiency of our homes, says the Future Generations Commissioner for...

Future Generations Commissioner for Wales asks for explanation into road freeze exemptions

7/7/21 Sophie Howe

The Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, Sophie Howe, has asked Welsh Government to explain how decisions are being made on Wales’ road-building freeze exemptions.