Press Releases

Future Generations Commissioner calls for a Basic Income pilot for creatives

7/8/20 Sophie Howe

The Future Generations Commissioner is calling for a Creative Universal Basic Income to pay artists a basic living allowance and help Wales recover from the pandemic

Future Generations Commissioner welcomes moves to reduce M4 congestion with public and active travel

16/7/20 Sophie Howe

The Future Generations Commissioner for Wales has welcomed plans to improve public transport to reduce traffic on the M4- but says more needs to be done to retain the numbers...

Scrapped M4 Relief Road cash must be used to fund green recovery, says Future Generations Commissioner

14/7/20 Sophie Howe

Wales must have full borrowing powers from Westminster to build a green recovery, says the Future Generations Commissioner.

Black Lives Matter

3/6/20 Sophie Howe

I support the Black Lives Matter movement and show solidarity with the protest against racism all over the world. 

Statement following the Supplementary Budget

28/5/20 Sophie Howe

In response to the Supplementary Budget announced by Welsh Government today, I recognise there is an enormous challenge to face in dealing with the immediate COVID-19 crisis.

Future Generations Commissioner urges Welsh Government to deliver on a green recovery budget

26/5/20 Sophie Howe

Sophie Howe says we have  a “once-in-a-generation opportunity” to reset Wales’ economy and is calling for “visionary ideas and transformative investment” in the nation’s recovery plan. 

Urgent Universal Basic Income, a four-day week and a well-being economy – Future Generations Commissioner’s plan to reshape Wales after coronavirus

13/5/20 Sophie Howe

Wales urgently needs a Universal Basic Income to help the country deal with the effects of COVID-19, Future Generations Commissioner Sophie Howe says.

Statement on the Future Generations Report 2020

13/5/20 Sophie Howe

I am pleased to be publishing the first Future Generations Report.

Section 20 Review of procurement practices within the Welsh public sector

17/3/20 Sophie Howe

On March 9th, Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner for Wales triggered a Section 20 Review into the procurement practices of nine public bodies in Wales.