We need urgent action in Cymru to halt the decline of our vital public services, says Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, Derek Walker

“Wales’s crucial public services are at crisis point as a result of the funding settlement Welsh Government received from the UK Government.

“UK government is responsible for presiding over a new era of austerity and there will be long-term consequences for public services and for the people of Wales. 

“Welsh Government is under immense pressure but I’m concerned this draft budget fails to take sufficient account of the long-term and will store up further inequalities and create costly future pressures for our already depleted public bodies including our National Health Service. 

“Public services play a huge role in supporting people to live a good quality of life, and future generations will have to rebuild what we stand to lose in cultural, social, economic and environmental well-being if this cycle of cuts on cuts continues, with our leisure and culture access being particularly threatened. 

“Last winter, libraries provided some of our most vulnerable people with warmth, safety, connection and belonging, in addition to their support for learning, the Welsh language and preparing our children for school and we must do all we can to preserve these lifelines.  

“We need urgent action in Cymru, more creative solutions using the Well-being of Future Generations Act, to halt the decline of our vital public services and properly invest in a preventative health system that keeps people well, now.”