“My role includes supporting Welsh Government and public services to consider the long-term, and Welsh Government’s ban on unnecessary, disposable plastic products is important for our climate and nature, our health and our communities."

“We have to act now to prevent more needless plastics, which never go away and are a danger to wildlife and humans, from getting into our environment and we need to act now to reduce unnecessary single-use plastic in the first place. 

“Wales needs a more ambitious, systems-based approach that tackles why and how we use our earth’s precious resources and that supports a rethink of how we consume. 

“The Well-being of Future Generations Act is about taking holistic, preventative action that benefits current and future generations and my new strategy published next month will encourage more action on the root causes of some of our biggest problems.” 


In December 2022, the Senedd approved legislation to ban selling unnecessary, disposable products to consumers.  

This will start to come into effect on Monday, October 30. For more information, see the Welsh Government website. 

Wales is the only country in the world with a Well-being of Future Generations Act.  

The legislation requires public bodies to work together to ensure improved cultural, economic, environmental and social well-being for people living in Wales now and in the future.  

Derek Walker is the second ever Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, having started his role to protect the interests of people not yet born, on March 1, 2023.  

In November 2023, he’ll publish his strategy for the seven years of his term.