“This is a transport strategy with people, climate and the Well-being of Future Generations Act at the centre of how we’ll move and connect in Wales.

“It’s good news for people who want to enjoy greener and better-connected communities, good news for people suffering with the ill health effects of traffic-induced emissions and pollution, good news for jobs and the economy, and good news for our children and grandchildren.  

“I’m pleased that Welsh Government has accepted my Future Generations Report and Manifesto for the Future recommendation and set a target for a modal shift to sustainable transport. As we move to 45% of journeys to be made by public transport, walking and cycling by 2040, we need to remove social barriers and address equality issues so everyone in Wales can enjoy the benefits of this change, particularly those without access to a car and those living in rural areas.  

“Together, these new priorities on improving digital connectivity, supporting local services and home working, and encouraging people to use better, sustainable transport will improve our health, tackle poverty and open our transport system to all.”