Simple Changes #10

Consider opportunities to second staff within and between organisations, to share knowledge and develop transferable skills



Problem: In the future people  will change jobs 12 times in their lifetime, on average. It is essential for us all to learn new skills and become more adaptable for the changing world we are all facing.


Simple Change

By looking at secondments between organisations, you are not only bringing in additional and transferable skills to your workplace, but upskilling your employees for their own future career-paths.

Case Study

Who is doing this?

Art of The Possible Partners

The Art of the Possible is the biggest partnership project we have run as an organisation. Here are some of the chief executives we have partnered with explaining the benefits of a joint position between organisations.

Well-being goals you’ve contributed to

A Prosperous Wales

A Prosperous Wales,

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A Prosperous Wales

An innovative, productive and low carbon society which recognises the limits of the global environment and therefore uses resources efficiently and proportionately (including acting on climate change); and which develops a skilled and well-educated population in an economy which generates wealth and provides employment opportunities, allowing people to take advantage of the wealth generated through securing decent work.

A Globally Responsible Wales

A Globally Responsible Wales,

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A Globally Responsible Wales

A nation which, when doing anything to improve the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales, takes account of whether doing such a thing may make a positive contribution to global well-being