Future transport in the capital city – guest blog by Councillor Caro Wild

Cardiff is a really exciting place at the moment. We have a young and fast-growing city, with jobs being created, houses being built and a billion pounds worth of regional...

21/3/18 Private: Sophie Howe

Cardiff Transport Green Paper

In response to Cardiff Council's Transport Green Paper, published Wednesday, 21 March and the start of a city-wide conversation on big ideas that could shape the future of Cardiff's transport...

15/12/16 Private: Sophie Howe

City Deal can be a better deal for Future Generations

Failing to put low carbon as a central pillar of the Cardiff City Deal programme would be both environmentally and economically irresponsible,” says Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner for Wales.

10/11/16 Private: Sophie Howe

Climate change – our obligations to future generations

What I’ve learnt about climate change since becoming Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, earlier this year, is quite simply frightening. There is no doubt that it’s the greatest challenge facing...

29/3/18 Private: Sophie Howe

Comisiynydd Cenedlaethau’r Dyfodol Cymru yn galw ar Awdurdodau Lleol i roi’r gorau i danwydd ffosil

Gydag £1bn o fuddsoddiadau Cronfeydd Pensiwn yng Nghymru’n cael ei wario ar gwmnïau sy’n seiliedig ar ynni ffosil, mae Comisiynydd Cenedlaethau’r Dyfodol Cymru yn galw ar Awdurdodau Lleol i ddangos...


Guest blog by Sarah Stone, Executive Director, Samaritans Wales – Local action saves lives

One of the early conversations I had when I first joined Samaritans was with an organisation with which we were working in partnership to train staff and raise awareness.


Guest Blog by Sian Tomos, Arts Council of Wales – Investing in our artists is investing in our future

As I write, President Trump looks set to pull the United States of America out of the Paris global climate agreement. Climate change denial is gaining traction and dismissing the...

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