Working in collaboration with Cardiff University, the Office of the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales has undertaken research and a Section 20 Review, to establish the extent to which the Act has been informing procurement decisions across the public bodies in Wales since 2016 (when the Act came into force).  

The main findings from the research phase of this work are outlined in the ‘Spotlight on Procurement’ within the Commissioner’s Future Generations Report published in May 2020.  

The Report ‘Procuring well-being in Wales’ was published on February 25th 2021, explaining key findings, highlighting good practice and outlining recommendations based on the Section 20 Review.  

This report contains findings and recommendations specifically for the nine public bodies who were subject to the Section 20 Review. It includes those which are relevant to public bodies and those which are primarily directed at the Welsh Government in its leadership capacity. The nine organisations have a statutory duty (Section 22(4)) to publish their response to the recommendations made by the Commissioner in this report. Public bodies are encouraged to do so within 25 working days of the recommendations being published. Many of the recommendations are equally relevant to all public bodies who should consider them as advice, and we will be following progress as part of the Commissioner’s duty to provide advice and assistance and to monitor and assess how public bodies are making progress towards their well-being objectives. 

There is also a Bitesize document, summarising the Commissioner’s vision for procurement, identifying the key issues highlighted by public bodies during the research and Section 20 Review, as well the recommendations outlined in the Report ‘Procuring well-being in Wales’.