To help organisations progress on their journey towards sustainable development, as defined by the Well-being of Future Generations Act, the  Ways of Working Progress Checkeris a tool that can be used to help you track progress to date and provide you with next steps to apply the sustainable development principle further. 

How it works 

This interactive tool takes you through a series of questions on each of the ways of working contained in the sustainable development principle. Your answers will provide a self-assessment of your progress on applying long-term thinking, prevention, integration, collaboration, and involvement to your “Processes” and to your “People and Culture.” 

You are able to share your organisation’s unique login details with colleagues or, if you are completing this as part of a partnership, with your Public Services Board and other partners. Different people can answer different sections, or, alternatively, you could do this as a group as we expect your answers could be subjective in part.  

A report will be generated giving your results and some next steps on how you could further apply each way of working. You can download reports for each of the two parts, depending on what you wish to share. You can archive your reports online to compare your progress over time.  

This tool is based on a longer Maturity Matrix, which was developed as part of the Future Generations Commissioner’s review of Welsh Government. You can find the full Maturity Matrix here. 

We understand this is a complex exercise and would be happy to support you if you have any questions. Please email with any queries quoting ‘Ways of Working Progress Checker’ as the subject.