Future Generations Leadership Academy

Online and in-person leadership training for young leaders in all sectors Public, Private and Third Sector, running every September till March. 

Join us to understand and be able to implement the Well-being of Future Generations Act, improve your leadership skills and bring change in Wales. 

The office’s Future Generations Leadership Academy is a group of 18–30-year-olds putting the Act into action in Welsh society via creating future generations plans for their workplaces, mentoring Welsh leaders and informing the commissioner’s own work.

Flexible accessibility fund – is available for participants who may experience financial or other barriers affecting their participation at virtual or in-person events. For example – if you are a carer, of are a disabled person we will cover any of the needs you might have to successfully apply and participate in the academy.  

At the Future Generations Leadership Academy, we provide young people with opportunities to learn and enhance their leadership skills. This ambitious and innovative program brings together partners from Wales’ public, private and voluntary sector, collaborating to train young individuals from all corners of Wales in leadership develop and the Well-being of Future Generations.    

Our hybrid approach includes three residential sessions, across Wales and online training over Teams. For the residential sessions, we cover all accommodation, commuting and catering expenses. We also have interactive sessions online every two weeks to keep the momentum going. 

Why should I join? 

  • Unlock and strengthen your leadership skills.  
  • Achieve personal and professional goals.  
  • Learn everything about the Well-being of Future Generations Act, which has become a cornerstone of policy making in Wales.  
  • Network and make connections with people across Wales. 
  • Be part of our engaged Alumni network, which provides ongoing opportunities for graduates of the Academy.  
  • Build a movement for change for the Act across Wales, in your community or organisation.  

There are currently two ways of getting to participate in the Academy.   

  • Sponsorship  
  • Open Recruitment   

Open Recruitment 

This is a free route to apply for anyone who is ready to learn, and equip themselves on their leadership journey.  

This is available for employed and unemployed people.  

All of our full-time or part-time employed applicants will need to confirm that:  

  1. They have availability to take part in the programme 
  2. Their line manager or their organisation approves their participation in the Academy 

You must confirm your line manager approves of your participation as we will ask your line manager or representative in your organisation to help you identify a focus area for a change plan that you will develop during the Academy.  

We will also ask your line manager or organisation to complete a very short survey on your leadership development at the beginning and end of the programme.  

Please note that we have an accessibility fund to assist anyone with care duties or who face any financial barriers to taking part in the programme, so please apply and if you are shortlisted, we will discuss any accessibility issues with you.  

We also operate a Guaranteed Interview Scheme for people from Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic backgrounds and disabled people that respond to all of the questions in the application form.  

For more information, please contact:  

Korina Tsioni – Programme Lead  


Timelines of the annual programme 

Participants recruitment – May till July  

Launch two days in-person Residential – September  

Bi-weekly two-hour online sessions – October till November  

Winter two days in-person residential – December  

Bi-weekly two-hour online sessions – January till March   

Change plan module – January till March   

Graduation celebration – March  

Joining Alumni network – end of March  

Programme detail 

  • Level of experience: Start/ Early in career  
  • 70 hours of hybrid training   
  • Delivered bilingually  
  • Run of the Academy – September till March  
  • Active Alumni network, with excellent opportunities for you to implement your knowledge and grow your networks and skillset .
  • There is a training fee for participants.  

What can you expect? 

The Future Generations Leadership Academy Programme comprises a curriculum based on the seven well-being goals and five ways of working of the Well-being of Future Generations Act.  

We cover 70 hours of real life hybrid training, including 3 in-person networking events and 50% of the learning online. In-person events will be held across Wales and your travel, accommodation and food costs will be covered.   

The Academy team at the Future Generations Commissioner’s office designs and delivers the programme, with support from external partners. Our participants (about 35 people between the ages of 18-30) are recruited through organisational sponsorships and partnership agreements and also through an open selection process.  

1-1 support is available to all participants throughout the academy should you require it.  

Course Features 

  • Course is delivered by variation of speakers/specialist from all three sectors  
  • Pastoral support throughout and after the Academy  
  • Join a growing and thriving community of Alumni after graduation  
  • Reverse Mentoring feature  

Helpful Features  

Flexible accessibility fund – is available for participants who may experience financial or other barriers affecting their participation in virtual or in-person events. For example – if you are a carer, of are a disabled person we will cover any of the needs you might have to successfully apply and participate in the academy.  

Covering expenses – Our hybrid approach includes three residential sessions, across Wales. During those, we cover all accommodation, commuting and catering expenses.

Reflecting on my time at the Academy, I’ve been able to achieve so much in just a few months. Not only has the Academy increased my self-confidence as a young professional, but it has also been an eye-opening experience to be introduced to a wide range of inspiring individuals and organisations here in Wales. Yet, most importantly, being able to share this journey alongside a cohort of talented young people from across Wales, and learning so much from them has been an exceptional experience.
Luned Hunter  | International Officer, Urdd Gobaith Cymru
Being in the Future Generations leadership programme has allowed me to open my perspective on the Future Generations Act and get in-depth knowledge. Meeting like-minded people who are just as passionate about creating social, cultural, environmental, and economic change has made it more passionate to incorporate this going forward.
Bablu Shikdar | Presenter, Actor, Writer & Content Creator
Thoroughly enjoying and noticing Louise's boost in confidence. What she got the most out of this Academy is knowledge and being around people who are passionate, from a different background. Spoke about the Change Plan, in line with work in the university, perfect as someone is leading this brilliant idea. Louise said the academy is the biggest achievement this year.
Feedback from a line manager  |
Really enjoyed today’s session, gave a different perspective on the ways of working beyond just a check box exercise. Looking forward to delving into the others in future sessions!
Melusi Moyo | Climate Policy Officer, Brecon Beacons National Park
I had a swell and informative time. I learned so much. Thank you for doing a great job with the planning.
Esther Obafemi  | Project Support Officer, Swansea City Council
I’m really enjoying the programme and learning about the Future Generations Act, it’s definitely the best leadership course I’ve ever been on!
Caitlin Rodrigues | Customer Experience Team, Principality Building Society

The Programme

The 8-month programme includes the following curriculum with 7 areas of focus. They all aim to build knowledge around the Well-being of Future Generations Act and develop skills in leadership.

1. Onboarding

Online catch ups and a scene-setting event introducing you to different elements of the programme, the Academy team, and key components of the programme.

2. Introduction to the Well-being of Future Generations Act and the Commissioner

By learning about the WBFG Act, you will be well prepared to make the most of your time with the Academy.

3. The Seven Well-being Goals of the Act

Key sessions covering the core purposes of the WBFG Act and facilitating learning and questions around the seven well-being goals. 

4. The Five Ways of Working

Key sessions to ensure you can confidently move into the Change Plan element of the programme and will understand both in theory and practice, what each of the five ways of working is.  

Long-term , Involvement , Integration , Collaboration , Prevention  

5. Change Plans

A core part of the Academy programme is the development of Change Plans. This takes place during the programme and is focuses on supporting participants to build on and action the learning developed through the Academy to drive change in their own organisations or community.  

We work closely with your line managers, if they commit to do so, in order to create a realistic and achievable plan.  

The development of the plan will continue as you will move into the Academy alumni network.   

Examples of Change Plans we have had so far:  

  • Programme and Project Management in line with the WBFG Act  
  • Better embedding Cymraeg  
  • Disability. Third Places and foundational economy  
  • Race Equality Network  

6. Superpower Sessions 

Workshops to upskill and develop participants’ confidence in Leading Themselves and Others.  

The main themes will be:  

  • Leading with Others (Understanding Self and Others)   
  • Leading Yourself (incl. Personal Branding / Hybrid workplace / flexible working)   
  • Leading with Empathy (Emotional Intelligence, Resilience & Failing Well)   
  • Leading the Future (incl. future trends, uncertainty, data and AI)   
  • Leading Change (Influencing Others, Present, Persuade and Negotiate)  

7. Graduation

A fun, interactive and celebratory event to bring everyone together. Networking opportunity, you will get to meet your future mentees and showcase Change Plans.  

Meet the Team

Alumni Network

After finishing the Academy, you will be automatically enrolled in the Alumni Network. This will allow you to join network of very engaged graduates. It will also allow you to keep receiving opportunities to attend events, be part of important discussion and more. Some of the events that our Alumni got to be part of were for example:   

  • Five alumni members represented the Welsh Government at the online 2021 One Young World Summit and another four Alumni attended the 2022 One Young World Summit in Manchester. 
  • Attending and speaking at COP26 in Glasgow – 2021.  
  • Meeting with the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly – in 2024.  
  • Attending UN Summit on Future Generations – in 2024.  

Our previous participants 

The FGLA is committed to recruit a diverse cohort.   

Last Academy participant statistics: 

  • 30% of participants identify as LQBTQ+.
  • 3 participants identify as having a disability, vulnerabilities or additional needs.
  • 20% of participants come from ethnic minority backgrounds. 3 participants have caring responsibilities.
  • 70% of participants identify as women. 18% of participants are Welsh speakers.
  • 46% of participants do not have an undergraduate degree.
  • Also, for the first time, the Academy recruited an Asylum Seeker. 
The Programme's Theory of Change
The Programme's Theory of Change

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