We provide advice, assistance and support to people on the Well-being of Future Generations Act in a variety of ways.

We provide learning and development opportunities; publish recommendations and reports; comment on policy and current affairs; produce toolkits and resources; provide advice directly to organisations; and respond to members of the public that contact us. 

Our team receive many requests for support and we need to prioritise those organisations with duties under the Act. As such, each public body and PSB covered by the Act has a dedicated point of contact within our team. 

A map of Wales in the centre with four different coloured boxes highlighting the Public Body Leads for each region of the map
Public Body Leads for Public Bodies, PSBs and Regions

Supporting public bodies to apply the Act 

Our latest strategy, Cymru Can, outlines Implementation and Impact as our core mission, ensuring the Well-being of Future Generations Act is applied effectively and with ambition in a way that improves the lives of the people of Wales now and in the future. 

Part of this is ensuring the Act is applied effectively and with ambition by public bodies. We want to help these bodies and their teams to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of how to drive change. 

Working with organisations, we put the emphasis on knowledge sharing, quality conversations and coaching to help organisations build their capability. 

We will do this through tailoring our existing resources and publishing new tools that provide support, but also through offering workshops including: 

  • Refreshers on the Act, the sustainable development principle, applying the ways of working and contributing to the national well-being goals.  
  • Masterclasses on using the ways of working.  
  • Opportunities to explore how to apply the Act within corporate centres of organisations.  
  • Learning on long-term and futures techniques.  
  • Sharing international practice on sustainable development.  
It was a really well delivered session that really helped to distil a complex piece of legislation with many facets down in an understandable way.

From April to October 2023, we held four sessions on the topics above with attendees from across the public sector including local authorities, national bodies and health boards, and a small number from the private and voluntary sectors.

To begin the sessions, we asked attendees ‘how confident they felt in applying the Act to their work’ and received a score of 2.9 out of 5. Positively, when we asked attendees the same question after the training, the score increased to 4 out of 5.

We welcomed a mix of people and levels of seniority which ensured the sessions included a range of perspectives and viewpoints. Some of the ways people noted they would take this learning forward included:

  • “I will be using it to reference examples of opportunity with public sector bodies we work with.” 
  • “Developing induction training for new starters.” 
  • “I will use the principles of the Act to inform my scrutiny activities in Council.” 

Register for our upcoming open sessions here and please get in touch through your point of contact or via contactus@futuregenerations.wales to talk to us about something more specific for your own organisation. 

We want to build a network of trainers within public bodies across Wales, so please feel free to use our resource materials for learning and discussion in your own organisations. We welcome any feedback on these! 

For more information on our mission, Implementation and Impact, read our strategy, Cymru Can.