Simple Changes #30

Consider supporting your communities to redesign their streets to improve their health and wellbeing



Our streets are public spaces which belong to everyone and they make up 80% of all open space in towns and cities, offering space that can be designed to benefit the whole community. Our streets are more than just a way of getting around, they define and shape our area and have a huge impact on the way we live, how active we can be and how well we know our neighbours. Increased traffic has changed the way our streets are used and too often our streets feel like they’re designed exclusively for cars.


Simple Change

There are many things you can do, with your community, to improve our streets, including; ‘greening’ up the street, organising a planting day, introducing trees, implementing a 20mph default speed limit, creating spaces to play, seating areas or setting up a street library in a disused phone box.

Case Study

Who is doing this?

Designing streets for people

Sustrans completed a community-led street design project in Bridgend with local residents to create a safer, more attractive street.

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A Healthier Wales

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