24/5/21 Private: Sophie Howe

Radical vision for Wales needed to create future-fit jobs, says Future Generations Commissioner in her plan for new government

Thousands of new ‘future-fit' jobs could be created if the new Welsh Government embraces a radical vision for Wales, according to the Future Generations Commissioner.

12/4/21 Private: Sophie Howe

Specification:  Support for our work on a green, equal and just recovery (economic expertise and financial analysis)

This specification is open to anyone interested in an opportunity to work with the Office of the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales (FGCW), to provide economic and analytical support for our work on a...

10/2/21 Private: Sophie Howe

Building Back Creatively: A Poet in Residence for the Future

The Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, Sophie Howe, in collaboration with Literature Wales and Wales Arts International, is announcing an exciting opportunity for an emerging poet to bring the Well-being...

20/1/21 Private: Sophie Howe

Next Welsh Government budget is an opportunity for a green and just recovery from the pandemic

I recognise the significant challenges that the Welsh Government has faced in the past year, and it is positive that the draft budget for 2021-22, published in December 2020, emphasises...


If 2020 has shown that we can live our lives closer to home, how can we lock in the benefits for future generations?

The announcement back in March this year that the UK was going into lockdown was a shock to us all and created significant challenges as we navigated a new world...

3/12/20 Private: Sophie Howe

Our Response to the Green Recovery Task and Finish group report

The variety of measures presented in this report challenge Welsh Government and others to put their words into action as they demonstrate their commitment to a Green Recovery.

2/12/20 Private: Sophie Howe

Green spaces are important – that’s why we’re asking Welsh Government to ensure people can access nature within a four-minute walk

People in Wales should be able to access nature four minutes from where they live, the Future Generations Commissioner is announcing during National Tree Week.

26/11/20 Private: Sophie Howe

Response to M4 report findings: Building future communities with clean, affordable and accessible transport

“The debate around the future of the chronically congested M4 has been too much about the needs of the car and not enough about the needs of the people of...

25/11/20 Private: Sophie Howe

Domestic abuse survivors at Future Generations Wales will get financial support to leave an abusive relationship

People working for the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales will be able to receive cash support to escape an abusive relationship, it is announced today.

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