7/8/20 Sophie Howe

Future Generations Commissioner calls for a Basic Income pilot for creatives

The Future Generations Commissioner is calling for a Creative Universal Basic Income to pay artists a basic living allowance and help Wales recover from the pandemic


Kindness in Public Services

Recently the Future Generations Commissioner called for the Welsh Government to instil the value of “kindness” at every level of government and public policy in order to meet the requirements of...

16/7/20 Sophie Howe

Future Generations Commissioner welcomes moves to reduce M4 congestion with public and active travel

The Future Generations Commissioner for Wales has welcomed plans to improve public transport to reduce traffic on the M4- but says more needs to be done to retain the numbers...

14/7/20 Sophie Howe

Scrapped M4 Relief Road cash must be used to fund green recovery, says Future Generations Commissioner

Wales must have full borrowing powers from Westminster to build a green recovery, says the Future Generations Commissioner.

13/7/20 Alice Horn

How do we procure well-being?

A record number of online delegates joined the recent Cardiff Business School Breakfast Briefing to hear how the Well-being of Future Generations Act provides an opportunity to transform the way...

3/6/20 Sophie Howe

Black Lives Matter

I support the Black Lives Matter movement and show solidarity with the protest against racism all over the world. 

28/5/20 Sophie Howe

Statement following the Supplementary Budget

In response to the Supplementary Budget announced by Welsh Government today, I recognise there is an enormous challenge to face in dealing with the immediate COVID-19 crisis.

26/5/20 Sophie Howe

Future Generations Commissioner urges Welsh Government to deliver on a green recovery budget

Sophie Howe says we have  a “once-in-a-generation opportunity” to reset Wales’ economy and is calling for “visionary ideas and transformative investment” in the nation’s recovery plan. 

13/5/20 Sophie Howe

Urgent Universal Basic Income, a four-day week and a well-being economy – Future Generations Commissioner’s plan to reshape Wales after coronavirus

Wales urgently needs a Universal Basic Income to help the country deal with the effects of COVID-19, Future Generations Commissioner Sophie Howe says.

13/5/20 Sophie Howe

Statement on the Future Generations Report 2020

I am pleased to be publishing the first Future Generations Report.

17/3/20 Sophie Howe

Section 20 Review of procurement practices within the Welsh public sector

On March 9th, Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner for Wales triggered a Section 20 Review into the procurement practices of nine public bodies in Wales.

24/2/20 Sophie Howe

Future-proof your planning with easy-to-use tool

A new easy-to-use guide will help public bodies to think and plan better for the long-term, by keeping a clear vision and taking future trends into account.

18/12/19 Sophie Howe

Budget shows signs of improvement but is some way off the investment needed to tackle the climate and nature crisis says Future Generations Commissioner for Wales

The Future Generations Commissioner for Wales has welcomed the Welsh Government’s budget published yesterday but says the Government is still not comprehensively demonstrating how spending is meeting the climate emergency...

10/12/19 Sophie Howe

First delegates of the Future Generations Leadership Academy announced

The Future Generations Commissioner for Wales is pleased to announce the names of the first cohort of young people to participate in the Future Generations Leadership Academy.


Fair and Ethical Sustainable Christmas

At this time of year, there is a lot of pressure on us to buy gifts for those that we love, and we want to make it special. But have...

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